Paintball Games: The Basic Strategies to Dominate Your Opponents

Paintball is a game of intense strategy and cunning maneuvering, where teams of players take on the role of a squad and have to work together to take down the opposing team. If you’re looking to get into paintball but aren’t sure of how to go about it, this article is for you. Here, we […]

What You Should Know About Paintball – Buying, Upgrades, and More

Paintball is a game of speed and accuracy, but it can be tricky to play at first. You need to learn the right way to hold your paintball gun, where to aim, and how to shoot. If you’re new to the sport, you may not know much about paintball guns. That’s fine, because there’s a […]

6 Tips for a Winning Paintball Match

Playing paintball is a lot of fun, but it can be frustrating for beginners. The game comes with many surprises that can leave players scratching their heads. The key is to keep a positive mindset and know that your efforts will pay off with time. That being said, it helps to know what you’re doing […]


Gellyball is an ultra-low impact game that is taking Steeltown Paintball by storm. Gellyball is a fun, easy-to-play game for all ages. Whether you’re 4 or 65, Gellyball has something for everyone to enjoy! We just opened our doors to Gellyball Open Play every 3rd Sunday of the month. Why should you play Gellyball? If […]

The Flanking Maneuver

The Flanking Maneuver   This week we’ll start with a relatively well-known ground assault tactic, the Flanking Maneuver. One of the oldest tactics in the book, and used since time immemorial the flanking maneuver is still used today. This tactic hasn’t changed much since ancient times since there’s no need to change something that consistently […]

Paintball Tactics and Strategy

Paintball Tactics and Strategy   As you probably know, paintball is a fast and brutal game. It punishes those not quick enough to think on their feet and rewards the ones with a sharp wit and steady hand. One of the best aspects of paintball is the versatility of the game. There are many different […]

Paintball vs Airsoft: What’s the difference?

Paintball vs Airsoft: What’s the difference?   Paintball and Airsoft are two vastly different games. While they do share similarities, ask anyone who plays paintball or airsoft and they’ll tell you why their chosen sport is better. We’re not here to figure out which is better or worse, but we will outline some of the […]

How does Paintball Work?

How do Paintball Guns Work?   Have you ever asked yourself how do paintball guns work? Let’s explore the details behind creating the centerpiece of one of the most exciting action sports in the world. To fire a paintball gun there are a lot of things that have to happen for that paintball to shoot […]

What Type of Gear do I need for Paintball?

What type of gear do you need for paintball?  Paintball is a great sport that everyone can participate in. There are different skill level groups that make it fun for everyone. Nonetheless if your playing paintball you need to take some proper precautions first. In this post, we’ll explore what kind of gear you’ll need. […]

How to Keep your Mask from Fogging

How to keep your Paintball Mask from fogging up. No one likes mask fog. It’s annoying, limits your sight, and can quickly get you in a tight spot mid-game. The real question here is how do you avoid it.  Is mask fog that big of a deal? To those playing the game it is. Not […]