How to keep your Paintball Mask from fogging up.

No one likes mask fog. It’s annoying, limits your sight, and can quickly get you in a tight spot mid-game. The real question here is how do you avoid it. 

Is mask fog that big of a deal?

To those playing the game it is. Not only that, but it can be dangerous. Have you ever been driving your car and the windshield fogs up? It’s the same concept with a mask. It hampers your game time because you can’t shoot what you can’t see. How is it dangerous though? Well If someone was to lift up their mask mid-game to clean it, and they get shot the paintball can cause significant damage to their eyes.

What is mask fog?

Mask fog is simply water vapor condensing on the inside of the mask. When humid air comes into contact with the cooler mask the water-laden air condenses forming water droplets and fog on the mask. If there’s nowhere for the humid air to go then voila, mask fog.

How do you deal with this?

Well, there are a few different ways to circumvent this issue. If you try getting a different mask that comes with a fog-resistant coating. This is a great way to keep the fog levels down but can end up being expensive. 

Another way is getting a lens cleaner. Lens cleaner helps to work by applying a coating to the mask lens so the water is unable to condense on it. 

The third and final way (and also the cheapest) is spit. When saliva is rubbed onto the surface of the lens it can help by creating a barrier between the lens and the water vapor. While this may cause streaking it’s still the cheapest route to take.

Final thought.

No matter what route you take There are many ways to get over mask fog. As long as you keep playing the game it doesn’t matter what route you take. Enjoy yourselves out there!