Paintball vs Airsoft: What’s the difference?


Paintball and Airsoft are two vastly different games. While they do share similarities, ask anyone who plays paintball or airsoft and they’ll tell you why their chosen sport is better. We’re not here to figure out which is better or worse, but we will outline some of the differences for you.



Paintball originally started as a way for painters to paint hard-to-reach places on buildings and has turned into a full-fledged action sport. Paintball involves two teams dueling it out on a field with paintball guns. These paintball guns contain hoppers filled with paintballs. The paintballs are tiny plastic capsules with colored paint inside of them. They are fired from the paintball gun at a high rate of speed with hopes of hitting their target. Paintball games are usually hard and fast, but can really be played at any speed. There are many different types of paintball games that range from free for alls to scenarios.



Airsoft was a byproduct of the Japanese gun ban in the 1980s. While firearms were banned there were still people who loved the idea of them. These hobbyists started to create firearm replicas that fired plastic pellets. Eventually, companies started to take notice of this rising trend and started to mass-produce airsoft guns. With the aid of mass production, airsoft guns started to get more realistic and advanced. Today many people enjoy airsoft as it caters to many different play styles. Because airsoft guns look and feel so realistic both police and military use airsoft for training exercises.


Both Paintball and Airsoft have their place in society, and while the debate continues to rage as to which game is better we at SteelTown love them both equally. If you looking for a new field to play Paintball or Airsoft at give us a call and schedule a time to play!