The Flanking Maneuver


This week we’ll start with a relatively well-known ground assault tactic, the Flanking Maneuver. One of the oldest tactics in the book, and used since time immemorial the flanking maneuver is still used today. This tactic hasn’t changed much since ancient times since there’s no need to change something that consistently works. 


The History


The Battle of Salamis

One of the earliest records we have of the flanking maneuver being used is during the second Persian invasion of Greece. After extreme losses at the Battle of Thermopylae and the Battle of Artemisium, the Greeks and the Persians were once again going at it in the Battle of Salamis during the year 480 BC. The Greek fleet had only 387 ships while the Persians had more than four times that number. Because of the geography of the straits, the Persians were actually hindered by their large numbers becoming disorganized within the straits. The Greeks took advantage of this and managed to get their ships on the Northwest side of the Persian fleet effectively pinning the fleet between rocky cliffs and the Greek fleet. The flanking maneuver that the Greeks pulled off led to the complete decimation of the Persian Navy forcing the remaining Persian forces to flee into Asia.


How to Apply this Tactic


The use of this tactic hinges on a few separate factors. The numbers in the teams, the geography, and the size of the battlefield. This tactic is best used within a woods terrain. Lets the trees provide your team cover while you maneuver around your opponents. If you can manage to put your opponents in between your team and a wall or barrier of some kind then this maneuver will pay off even better. Once your team is in place strike quickly, and without hesitation. 


Looking to gain an edge in your next paintball game? Make sure you stay tuned because we’ll be releasing another strategy next time in our Paintball tactics and strategy segment.


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