Paintball Tactics and Strategy


As you probably know, paintball is a fast and brutal game. It punishes those not quick enough to think on their feet and rewards the ones with a sharp wit and steady hand. One of the best aspects of paintball is the versatility of the game. There are many different play styles but the most popular ones are team games. 


In this segment, we’re going to go over different tactics and strategies you and your team can use to achieve victory on the battlefield. These are time-tested strategies that have been crafted by some of history’s greatest generals and used to win real battles.


Tactics Vs Strategy

Before we jump into the thick of it, it will be important for you to understand the difference between tactics and strategy. Tactics are the ability to act and react to situations happening in the here and now. It is usually improvised on the spot or as a result of muscle memory. Strategy is the long game. How you plan to deploy your team. What the goal is, how the goal will be achieved, and the steps needed to be taken to be considered successful.


The First Strategy


Everybody has a plan…Until they get hit in the face.

-Mike Tyson


This is the first strategy we’ll cover. Have a plan B. Everyone thinks they have the perfect strategy. Whether that’s enveloping the opposition or dividing forces so they can route from the rear. The true test of a strategy is whether it can survive the initial point of contact. If it can, great! If not, well that’s why you need to have a plan B. This applies to paintball. Once the adrenaline starts pumping your team may not hear you, or you may lose a critical teammate at a crucial time. This is the game of paintball for you, anything can happen. The lesson to learn from this is always to have a plan B.