What type of gear do you need for paintball? 

Paintball is a great sport that everyone can participate in. There are different skill level groups that make it fun for everyone. Nonetheless if your playing paintball you need to take some proper precautions first. In this post, we’ll explore what kind of gear you’ll need.

Paintball gun

If you’re playing paintball then obviously your going to need a paintball gun. You can usually find these from retailers or you can rent them from the field that you’re playing at usually. 

Paintball Mask

This is a big one. You can not and should not play paintball without a mask. Paintballs leave the barrel at approximately 200 MPH. If you’re not wearing a mask and you get hit this could do some serious damage to your face and eyes. Don’t be a dummy, wear a mask. Your eyes will save you.

Thick clothes

Unless you enjoy pain, you’re going to want to wear thicker clothes that you don’t mind getting stained. When a paintball hits you it’s going to hurt. The baggier, and thicker the clothing, the better protection you’re going to get.


This is something that people don’t usually think about until they’ve been hit in the hand. Your hand and fings contain some of the highest amounts of nerve endings in your body. If you get hit in the hand it’s going to hurt. Gloves can help to mitigate this pain and add a little bit of protection. Every bit helps!

Close-toed shoes

This should be a no-brainer guys. Don’t play paintball in flip-flops. You could end up tripping and seriously hurting yourself. Not to mention getting shot in the foot is going to hurt if you’re not properly protected.

Listed above are the basics. Some people use other types of protection and others do not. If you grab all of these before your next match you’ll already be halfway to winning the match! Good luck out there!

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