Find yourself bored in Pittsburgh, wanting an exciting game that is full of action and some competition? Laser Tag might be the answer for you! Laser Tag is a fun, shooting style game in which participants play to win by getting the most hits.  A typical game can get pretty intense as a battle revolves around running, hiding behind barriers, and trying to locate a target – it’s an exhilarating workout.  Laser Tag is a great activity that’s sure to turn any ordinary day into a day to remember. SteelTown Paintball has the best laser tag in Pittsburgh! 

Play at SteelTown Paintball Today! 

If you’re looking for a place to play some Laser Tag, Steel Town Paintball is the place to be! Don’t be confused, SteelTown Paintball is known for its paintball battles, but Laser Tag courses are available for eager players. At SteelTown Paintball, we specialize in both paintball and laser tag to bring you the best experience. 

Why Play Laser Tag at SteelTown Paintball? 

Playing at SteelPaintball ensures all participants involved will have a joyous time! Laser Tag is a non-contact sport; making it perfect for younger players (or adults!) intimated by the battle of paintball. It’s a safe and mess-free game. No safety vest and clean up after the game is required. However, players will still be able to enjoy the competition, hunt, and thrill that is associated with paintball. A game of Laser Tag is a great way to build teamwork and communication among players. Pittsburgh_Laser_Tag

When players arrive to play at  SteelTownPaintball, they will have all the equipment they need to play a game. High-tech laser guns will be provided to all players. Participants can sneak through the obstacles taking aim at their opponents with ease. 

Laser Tag allows participants to become fully immersed in the battle. It’s an exciting sport that brings about moments of adrenaline-pumping calls or straight-up hilarious battles! 

Pittsburgh Laser Parties!  

The thrill of laser tag sounds so exciting you want to plan a whole party around it? SteelTown Paintball can make that a reality. Plan a Laser Tag Party today. It’s a great way to celebrate a birthday party or a special occasion. SteelTown Paintball gives customers the opportunity to make the party all their own. Bring your own food, drinks (non-alcoholic drinks please), and decorations to make a personalized celebration. Additionally, SteelTown Paintball offers private parties. The staff will block off time so that only your group will have access to the course, equipment, and picnic tables. Plan a stimulating party full of action today and enjoy the best laser tag in Pittsburgh! 




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