If paintball or airsoft aren’t your thing no worries! We have laser tag courses, too!

Player Options

Laser tag is a non-contact sport. It’s a colorful game that is sure to captivate players and leave them in awe as they navigate the playing field.

Laser Tag is great for younger players (and those who prefer less impact). However, players can still enjoy that competitiveness and the “hunt” that is often tied to paintball without the actual contact.

When it comes to playing, SteelTown has two options. Players can get their action at our outdoor and indoor locations – coming soon! All the courses are easy to navigate and sure to leave you having a great time! 

Equipment Available

SteelTown Paintball makes sure players have everything they need when arriving to play. No equipment?

No worries. The staff ensures everyone playing will be equipped with the right materials to ensure a great experience.

Players will have no problem sneaking their way through the courses “tagging” their opponents with our high-tech laser markers. 

Private Parties Available

Laser Tag is a perfect way to celebrate a special occasion! It’s great for birthdays, school events, church groups and more!

If you’re looking to book a private Laser Tag party, you’re in luck. Booking can be done at both our locations. When it comes to the day of the event, the party will have 2 hours of play plus a private referee.

This referee is there to make sure everyone is playing the game properly and answer any questions you might have! Additionally, a group will have 12 laser markers to share.

Check out our pricing page for more information regarding Laser Tag parties. 

Make It A Party 

If you choose to book an event with us, you can make the party all your own! Bring in whatever outside food and drinks (non-alcoholic) you want!

The same goes for decorations. However you want to decorate to make the party fantastic is allowed. A party is a special occasion and SteelTown Paintball wants you to have the best party possible.