There are tons of options out there when it comes to throwing your child a birthday party. It can be overwhelming. How do you know what the perfect pick is that’s going to appease your child, the guests, and the parents of the guests? Well, SteelTown Paintball has the perfect option. This isn’t about a paintball party, despite our name, it’s about laser tag! 

1. Laser Tag Is Safe

When it comes to kids’ parties, as a parent, you want your child to have fun but in a safe manner. When it comes to playing laser tag, participants will be running around and shooting lasers at their friends. Unlike paintball, laser tag has no flying projectiles that will pack a bit of sting when players are hit. You kids can’t get hurt by our laser markers. Children can use their energy by running around courses that were designed for safety and fun. Laser tag is a great option for birthday parties. It’s more unique and safer than a day at the playground. 

2. Laser Tag Is Played Indoors

When it comes to the weather in Pittsburgh, everyone knows it can be a little…unpredictable. If you are planning a birthday party in the winter for your child your party might get snowed out. If your child has a summer birthday, the rain could ruin the whole day. You do have the option of having the party in your house, but could you imagine the aftermath of a bunch of children running around on a sugar rush? It would be pretty messy. However, laser tag is the perfect option because it’s all inside. The weather doesn’t matter when it comes to the big day. You can sit back and relax and let your child and their friends have a great time! 

3. Laser Tag Is Active

We all know kids have an abundance of energy. We all wish we could channel some of that, am I right?  Kids love to run around and have fun. Unfortunately, these bursts of energy can often come with a mess or a trail of destruction. A laser tag party is the best option to get this energy out without all the mess. Laser tag requires your kids to run, duck, jump, hide, and aim at the opponents. If you’re tired from just reading that, think how your kid will feel after this party. A laser tag party is a great way to tucker your kids out. Plus, after all the action is done they can chow down on some pizza and cake! 

4. Laser Tag Is Safe For Everyone

Laser tag is the perfect option no matter how old your kids are. If they are super young or a teenager everyone can enjoy a fun game of laser tag. Laser tag doesn’t have an age limit. The markers participants use are lightweight and easy to carry. They aren’t hard to use either. Laser tag is a great activity that won’t scare younger kids and is entertaining enough for older kids. Parents can even join in and have fun. Laser tag is the perfect party option for kids and adults! 

5. Personalize The Party! 

Throwing a party at SteelTown means you can have the party of your dreams! When you book your laser tag party, you get a private room that you can decorate. Bring your own balloons and party streamers to make the party feel unique. Plus, bring in a cake that your child will love. Outside food is allowed at our facilities. Want a pizza party? Great, you can find amazing pizza places near our facility. Make the party your kid’s dream! 


There’s no need to stress about finding the perfect idea when laser tag exists! Laser tag is a safe and fun alternative to traditional birthday parties. Let your kid celebrate their big day in style. 

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