Paintball is an intense, color-filled shootout battle that gets hearts pumping. It can be a very competitive sport or team-building activity. Those that seek out adrenaline-inducing activities love paintball, but at the same time would enjoy something higher on the intensity scale. That’s what airsoft comes into play. If you’re looking for airsoft in Pittsburgh, keep reading! 

What Is Airsoft 

Airsoft is relatively similar to paintball. However, it’s still a competitive, shout-out type game only there’s less color involved. Airsoft has the realism that paintball does not have. Typically, in paintball games, players are hit with gelatinous balls of paint, hence the name. In Airsoft, players will feel the impact of tiny pellets. 

Not to mention, Airsoft differs from paintball in its intensity and skill to play. It’s designed to be a more combat-style sport. With this in mind, it can be challenging at times, which is why this game is for more experienced players. As a result, if you’ve never played a game of paintball, it might be difficult to jump right into airsoft. 

Where Can To Play Airsoft Pittsburgh_Airsoft

Nevertheless, airsoft games are held right at SteelTown Paintball. We are known for paintball, but our airsoft games are sure to be action-packed and fun. SteelTown Paintball wants to offer players a game that’s more challenging and that’s what airsoft is all about! 

To build on this, SteelTown also offers airsoft parties. To clarify, these parties can be private or not. Guests of the party can enjoy a whole day dedicated to the game of airsoft. Parties can be small or large; it’s all up to whoever is hosting the event! Equipment is provided to players who attend the event. If you’re interested in an airsoft party, check out our pricing page for more details. 

Play Airsoft at SteelTown Paintball 

Airsoft is a fun adrenaline-inducing sport that’s great for people looking for something realistic and intense. SteelTown Paintball wants to cater to every player’s wants. It’s why we offer other services beyond just paintball. Come on down to SteelTown Paintball and play today! Play the best airsoft in Pittsburgh!