Airsoft - SteelTown Paintball Parks


It’s Time to Get Serious 

If you’re someone who is looking for an adrenaline rush. Then airsoft is the answer! Airsoft is higher on the realism scale and is great for  those seeking some truly intense action. While paintball has players being pinged with gelatinous paint, airsoft uses small, tiny pellets. This sport is full of action. It is designed as a combat-style sport to challenge those who consider themselves to be more experienced. At SteelTown Paintball, anyone who is 10 years or older can enjoy a game. Additionally, airsoft can be played at both out locations: Outdoor and Indoor! 

Outdoor Airsoft

Players who want to play outdoors can enjoy airsoft games on the first Sunday of every month. Those who want to play by themselves can or groups of players are welcomed on the field. There are 11 fields for players to play on. These fields are equipped to handle the heart-racing battles that are bound to take place. Those eager to get on the field don’t have to worry about equipment. They can rent the right equipment on-site, as well as, purchase any additional ammo needed. It costs $25 per person for entry. This entry fee includes all day admission and air! 

Indoor Airsoft – Coming Soon!

Those wanting to play indoor can enjoy airsoft all year long! Indoor Airsoft welcomes groups of players or individuals looking for fun. When it comes to the fields there are 8 for players to enjoy. They are fully equipped to make sure players have the best time imaginable. When it comes to playing, equipment is not a problem. Equipment rental is available on-site and players can purchase additional ammo if needed. The entry fee is $30 per person and that includes all day admission and air! 

Level Up On The Field 

Those looking to make airsoft into an event have the option to schedule private parties!  These events give party goers a private referee and a private area to host the party. Spend some quality time with your group only. Check out our pricing page for more information regarding private groups.