When it comes to celebrating students, most schools opt for the traditional pizza party. While pizza is always a good time, why not do something special for the hard-working students? This is why SteelTown Paintball offers special school events to give kids a chance to be kids! 

Paintball Leads To Team Work 

Paintball is a high action sport that gets people moving. It’s a great game for everyone to play, no matter the age! Hosting a paintball event teaches the students the critical skills they will need later in life. Paintball can prove to be a truly educational experience that students are sure to love. 

Paintball is a collaborative sport that develops teamwork. It will teach students the importance of learning to work with others to reach a common goal: to win! This activity is great for younger and older students! If the fear of impact is an issue, there are other options available. For instance, SteelTown Paintball offers Low Impact Paintball, which is less intense. 

Laser Tag Special

If the sound of paintball still sounds like a daunting activity for a school event, especially for younger kids, Laser Tag is available. Like paintball, this is still a great learning opportunity for students to take advantage of. Laser Tag still requires some element of teamwork. Students will have to use their heads to figure out a strategy that makes them winners. Additionally, laser tag has no impact. It’s a great alternative for younger kids. However, older students can still enjoy a game. Many adults even play laser tag at SteelTown Paintball. It’s the perfect game for all ages! 

Late Night Events 

If a school is looking to host a post-graduation event or Senior Night, SteelTown Paintball can help! Night events are available! Paintball is a great way to celebrate students’ recent achievements. It’s a great chance to give them a last hooray to celebrate with friends before they move on from high school. 

Paintball Is Great For All

When it comes to planning this event if students do not have prior paintball experience that’s ok! The staff at SteelTown is always there to help any player that needs a little guidance. The staff will walk the students through the proper etiquette to paintball. On top of this, the right equipment will be provided to the group. Each player will have protection, paintball markers, and plenty of ammo. 

Start Educating On The Field 

Students work hard, and they deserve a day full of fun. School Paintball events are the way to go. Paintball can serve as a motivator for students. It’s also a great method to teach team-building skills. Overall, students will have a blast playing paintball. It’s an event they sure won’t ever forget!