Are you looking for a fun activity that’s safe for kids to play? Are you an avid fan of paintball and want to show your kids the sport but are worried about the impact? Well, do we have some great news for you! SteelTown Paintball is offering GellyBall Paintball at both our indoor and outdoor facilities. 

What Is GellyBall Paintball?

GellyBall is a paintball that is made for kids! Instead of the traditional paintball ammo that can pack a sting, GellyBall uses soft gel balls. It’s similar to Orbeez for a comparison. These gelly balls will bounce of your kids or disintegrate altogether. They leave behind no stain and most importantly no pain! Additionally, kids won’t have to spend time loading up their markers. GellyBall markers can hold 750 rounds before reloading. Not to mention, these markers are lightweight and easy to use. 

What’s The Age Limit For GellyBall? 

Gellyball is designed with kids in mind. Since there is virtually no impact, kids as young as four years old can play. It’s a great way to let kids burn off their energy in a safe and controlled manner. Referees are always available to help teach any players the rules. Plus, they monitor the game to keep your kids extra safe. Kids aren’t the only fans of GellyBall. Adults can play too! 

Can I Book GellyBall For Parties? 

GellyBall is the perfect activity for parties. If you planning a birthday party for your kid, GellyBall is the way to go. It can be played at our indoor and outdoor locations. This means GellyBall is available all year long. Not to mention, GellyBall is great for family reunions or school events. Since adults are welcome to book an event, GellyBall is even great for company outings or bachelor/bachelorette parties. 

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