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Plan A Birthday Bash

If you’re the one in charge of coming up with the Pittsburgh Birthday Party Ideas – you’re in luck. The best Idea for a party is to have a Paintball Party! Paintball birthday parties are a blast and our knowledgeable staff will provide you and your friends with a quality paintball experience! If you never thought of the Paintball Party Idea before, they are simple to organize, affordable, and enjoyable for all ages!

Additionally, birthdays can be booked at our outdoor and indoor locations. Some fields have a minimum age of 10, but we have just brought in some new marker (known as 50 caliber paintball markers) that are much smaller to hold, and the paintballs have about 1/3 the impact, so even kids who are 8 years old can play! If you’re looking for something with even less impact, Laser Tag is an option too. This is a non-contact sport that’s still sure to keep young players entertained! If you want more information about laser tag, check out our laser tag page!

Be Equipped

The team at SteelTown Paintball  makes paintball birthday parties easy. Instead of piecing together everything on your own, our team puts the paintball items together for you. Every play will receive their own paintball marker. Plus, additional equipment is available to be rented. On top of this, each player will have all day admission and air! When it comes to cutting the cake and opening presents, there is a designated private area that you can use! More information regarding paintball parties can be found on our pricing page

Cut The Cake

You can bring cake, food, decorations, party favors, and drinks (no alcohol, please!). Our team can help you bring in your coolers, as well. We also recommend making sure you bring enough ice, as we do not have an on-site ice machine. Additionally, we are happy to provide you with a list of local food vendors who can make your birthday party even easier.

Don’t get stuck with the Idea that a Paintball Party is just for the little ones. We host Birthday party events all the time for people in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s! It’s the perfect idea for a Birthday party for kids of all ages! If you’re tired of the same old arcade or laser tag party, do yourself a favor and let SteelTown Paintball host your next Birthday!