SteelTown Paintball knows you’ve got questions, especially if you’ve never tried paintball before. Luckily, we’ve compiled a handy list of the 5 most commonly asked questions! Get in the know about paintball! 

What Is Paintball? 

Paintball is a type of extreme sport. Two opposing teams compete using paintball markers that are powered by compressed air. The markers propel a safe, non-toxic, washable gelatin capsule filled with water-based paint. Opponents are eliminated when they are marked by the paintballs. Marker hits as well as goggles hits do count as an elimination.

Who Can Play? 

Paintball is a sport anyone can enjoy. This means adults and children can take part in the action. SteelTown Paintball offers two different types of paintball. This caters to the different experience levels players might have. We offer Standard Impact (.68 caliber) for players 10 years or older. We also offer Low Impact (.50 caliber) for players 8 years and older. 

Does Low Impact Paintball Hurt? 

A bit. It can sting players. The best description is like getting snapped with a rubber band or a towel. Overall, the pain isn’t much. Our low impact paintball uses .50 caliber paintballs the sting is less intense compared to standard impact paintball. 

What Should I Bring? 

Paintball is a contact sport. This means players should wear clothing that covers most of their bodies. This includes clothing such as jeans, long-sleeved shirts, sweatshirts, or hoodies. The less exposes skin the better! If you’re playing outside it’s best to dress for the weather conditions that day, as well. When it comes to those playing at SteelTown Paintball, we supply any safety gear you would need as part of your entrance fee. 

Does The Paint Wash Out? 

Yes, it does. Surprisingly enough, paintballs don’t actually contain paint. They are composed of a gelatin capsule (like a liquid gel pain reliever) and the inside is a product called PEG.PEG is a food-grade synthetic oil filler. While PEG may leave small grease-like marks, you won’t have to worry about hot pink or neon green stains on your clothing. The paintballs we use are non-staining, no-pigment, and non-toxic. However, we don’t recommend wearing your *nice* clothes.

SteelTown Paintball 

We are here to answer all your commonly asked paintball questions. If you have one that wasn’t answered here call us at (412) 443-9287!