Take Group on The Go 

If you’re looking for a group outing that is going to get everyone involved and entertained the entire time, paintball is the answer for you! When it comes to planning church group outings, the purpose is to spend time together with your peers. A great group activity should provide ample opportunities to form tighter relationships. Paintball can achieve this easily. Paintball is a sport that gets the whole group moving. For an hour or two, players can lose themselves in the game and get fully immersed in the action. Your church group can focus on the fun of the sport while working towards the same goal. 

Build Team Work 

The best way to encourage teamwork among a group is to participate in an activity that’s all about teamwork! Paintball is the perfect sport. Players can work together to try to beat the other team. The best way to win is to communicate a strategy. This means players will have to work together. Strong and clear communication is developed through this sport. Players are strengthening their relationships without even realizing it! It Chruch_Group_Outings happens naturally. Players put their heads together and work together in an intense environment. Not to mention, players will enjoy themselves at the same time. Nothing encourages sportsmanship like playing an entertaining game that gets players moving. Additionally, paintball is a great workout too! Standard church group outings don’t have to be sitting around. Paintball gets your team into action! It gets their heart rates up and is great exercise! The best part, it doesn’t even feel like a workout! 

Get Ready and Gear Up! 

Paintball makes for the perfect church group outing. It’s a fun sport that everyone can enjoy – adults and kids alike! SteelTown offers two types of paintball: Low Impact and Standard Impact. Players as young as 8 years old, can take part in the action! Low impact is great for kids, as the size of the paintballs are smaller, thus, making the impact sting a little less. Low impact isn’t just for the kids, however. Adults who are new to paintball can get a feel for the sport easily with low impact. On top of this, your church group will be fully equipped for their big day! Every group will receive the needed equipment, all-day admission, 300 paintballs, VIP treatment, a private referee, and more when booking a private party! Check out our pricing page for more information!  Booking a paintball party for your church group is the best option out there! Especially, if it’s at SteelTown Paintball!