When it comes to planning a party, you want one that’s exciting for you and your guests. Parties are supposed to be fun, however, planning one can be difficult. With a lot of options, it can be overwhelming. Especially, when it’s for a birthday. There is a silver lining though. SteelTown Paintball has the perfect party idea. It’s an airsoft party! We’re giving you five great reasons why airsoft parties are the way to go. 

1. It’s Full of Action

Airsoft is a sport that’s loaded with intense action. This sport is beloved by many people alike. Airsoft provides unique challenges that players will love. For starters, airsoft tends to be more difficult than paintball. This is due to the fact that players use small pellets instead of gelatinous paintballs. Thus, airsoft packs more of a punch than paintball typically does. So, players that are looking to feel some adrenaline will love the action the only airsoft can provide. 

2. It’s Not Your Typically Party

Most people don’t think of airsoft as their first-party option. SteelTown Paintball is aiming to change that. Airsoft is a great party activity. It gets players moving around the field. It can be a great workout as you chase down your opponents. Additionally, airsoft is a great group activity. With your party, you can work out a strategy to beat the other players. It gets the whole group involved. No one will feel left out in an airsoft game. Not to mention, airsoft is a great activity for any celebration. Birthday parties to bachelor parties SteelTown Paintball have hosted them all. 

3. It’s Weather Friendly

Anyone who lives in Pittsburgh knows just how unpredictable the weather can be. This makes planning a party particularly difficult. For instance, if you’re planning a party in the summer you could get rain out and in the winter you could run into a blizzard. However, at SteelTown the weather isn’t an issue. We have an indoor facility in New Kensington, PA! When you book a party at our indoor location, the weather won’t be an issue to your party. However, if your love for the outdoors is strong you can play airsoft rain or shine. Our outdoor fields are equipped to handle the many weather conditions Pittsburgh throws at us. 

4. It Supports A Family-Owned Business 

Keeping a community alive and thriving is often dependent on the people that live in the area. When you book a party at SteelTown Paintball, you are supporting a small local business. It gives us the opportunity to provide a fun-filled experience for everyone. We strive to make parties absolutely special for all those involved. Booking a party with SteelTown Paintball allows us to give back to the community we love. With continuous support from our local communities, we can offer even more exclusive events and action-packed fun for players all over! 

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