It’s a big day for SteelTown Paintball. We’re celebrating something big and are excited to finally bring it to players. Our new Indoor Facility is opening its doors today! Get ready for indoor paintball, airsoft, laser tag, and more! 

Indoor Paintball Fun 

The new facility is equipped with plenty of room for players to truly get into their battles. The new facility is huge! For instance, there are three floors for players to take advantage of. That’s 150,000 square feet! In this building, players won’t feel confined and have their battles feel any less intense. These different floors will be full of action, teamwork, and color! It’s important to note that the indoor location differs from the outdoor location. The indoor facility is located at 600 Freeport Road “Building 29” New Kensington, PA 15068

Open Year-Round

Players will be able to enjoy paintball all the same! Battles will still induce high levels of adrenaline. The only big difference being the weather. Outside paintball is a great way to enjoy some fresh air. However, weather can be a big influence on people’s decisions on whether to play or not. Especially in Pittsburgh, where the weather is unpredictable at best. Indoor Paintball takes this variable out of the equation. If there’s a rainstorm or blizzard paintball can be played all the same!

Play Today! 

The grand opening of the Indoor Paintball Facility is a huge deal! SteelTown Paintball is beyond stoked to celebrate this joyous day with our fellow paintball lovers. We’re excited to see all the action and fun that soon to take place! 


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