It can be challenging to plan out a day, let alone, a full week. Life can get so hectic that time seems to run out when it comes to planning activities. It can be hard to keep up with everything life throws at us. Especially, if you’re planning activities for friends or even something to occupy the kids. Often or not, it seems to do anything, nowadays, there needs to be a prior reservation made. It can be frustrating if you find yourself with some free time and want to use it to do something fun. Here at SteelTown Paintball, we understand that frustration. It’s why welcome walk-on players to enjoy their free time! No need to panic about making a reservation. We welcome small groups to get right into the action of paintball with a walk-on pass. 

Walk-On To The Playing Field 

While players can make reservations at SteelTown Paintball, we understand that sometimes thoughts are spur of the moment! We want everyone to have a good time, so we welcome players to show up and play! 

With a Walk-On Pass, players can have groups of up to five players or play by themselves. This means you can bring the family or a group of friends to play. Additionally, when walk-on players arrive they will be joining other players that are already playing on the field, during regular business hours. A Walk-On Passes also includes a wide variety of bonuses for players to take advantage of, like unlimited air fills and the walk-on_passesopportunity to play all day. 

A Walk-On Pass costs $15 per person that is participating in a paintball game. It’s important to note that experienced paintball players that have their own equipment are encouraged to bring it to the field. However, players that don’t have their own equipment, or are trying paintball out for the first time, can add rental equipment and paintball guns for $10. 

Outside or Inside Play All The Time 

Walk-On Passes are available all the time. Doesn’t matter rain or shine, players can enjoy intense, color-filled shootouts. Currently, SteelTown Paintball fans have been enjoying the action in our outdoor facility. Coming soon, in November 2020, players can transition their paintball battles indoors at our new facility! 

When it comes to the Walk-On passes, they function the same if you’re playing indoor or outdoor. The only difference being the location. Our outdoor facility is located at 500 Huntington Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15202. Our indoor location will be located at 600 Freeport Road “Building 29” New Kensington, PA 15068. 

Walk-On Passes 

At SteelTown Paintball, we welcome all players if they have a registration or not! Bring your friends or family for a spur of the moment paintball fun. Enjoy the day knowing we got you covered with amazing courses and reliable equipment. Grab your Walk-On pass and play!