Walk On Paintball Players

We’re an Open-Door Facility – Kids, Adults, Families, & Individuals!

“We don’t have anyone to play with” is NEVER an excuse to not enjoy paintball at SteelTown Event Park! We welcome anyone and everyone (though we do recommend making a reservation, despite your party’s size).

Do we allow walk-on players? Of course we do! You don’t have to have a big group to enjoy paintball – we see lots of walk-on players every weekend. While reservations aren’t required, it can save you time and money by making one before walking on.

Our team makes sure that regardless of your group’s size, you’re mixed in with other players in your age range or skill level. Our goal is to make sure that the experience is fun for everyone involved.

However, we need you to know that we offer both .50 caliber (low impact) and .68 caliber (standard) paintballs at our facility. Often, walk-on players are tournament-style competitors with their own equipment. Please be sure to let us know your experience level before stepping onto the field so we can place you in the optimal group.