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We’re an Open-Door Facility – Kids, adults, Families, & Individuals

Walk Right Into Paintball Fun 

“We don’t have anyone to play with” is NEVER an excuse to not enjoy paintball at SteelTown Paintball. It’s because we allow walk-on players. We understand that sometimes things are spur of the moment. With walk-on paintball players can literally walk right onto the field at both our indoor and outdoor locations. This means that individuals can show up at the field and can play with others looking to do the same! This also extends to groups as well! Groups of players can take advantage of walk-on paintball. However, while reservations aren’t required for this event, it’s important to mention that making one can save you time and money. 

How Walk-On Paintball Works 

The staff are great at making sure all players have a safe and fun experience while at SteelTown Paintball. Regardless of your groups size or your individual skill, players are mixed in with other players that are in your age range or skill level. This means younger players will not be playing paintball with experienced adult paintball players. This is all done to keep everyone safe. Additionally, if you’re someone who has never played paintball before, don’t feel intimidated. You’ll be mixed in with other players that are in the same boat. In doing this, players can truly enjoy an equal game. This lets players get immersed. Let yourself experience true action while having loads of fun! 

Multiple Ways to Play 

When it comes to getting out on the field players have an option how they want to play. Choose between Standard Impact or Low Impact Paintball. Standard paintball uses .68 caliber paintballs. For low impact, players will use .50 caliber paintballs. These are smaller and minimize the impact players will feel. For more information regarding low impact, check out our page that tells all about it! Once you decide which paintball you’ll play, now it’s time for equipment! A lot of players bring their own equipment however, rental equipment is available. To play paintball it will cost $15 per person and that includes all day admission and air. To see more information regarding pricing, check out our pricing page