Paintball is an intense sport that is loved by many. Many fans enjoy it because of the heart-racing action and competitive nature of it. Anyone can get into paintball. Before buying gear, there are a few things everyone should know. So, if you find yourself asking “How to play paintball?” keep on reading! 

Standard Impact Paintball

This is the standard for paintball, commonly. Players will use a standard caliber, a .68 caliber. This means the paintballs will have more weight to them and definitely will pack more of a punch. It’s recommended that adults, or those who have experience playing,  take part in Standard Impact Paintball. 

It’s important to wear the right protective gear. Since the paintballs are larger, they carry more weight upon impact. It’s imperative to take precautions and protect yourself. Make sure to layer up to minimize the pain. 

Low Impact Paintball 

This type of paintball is perfect for beginners. It’s also a great way for kids to get into the sport. Parents, who are concerned about kids getting involved in a paintball battle, can relax knowing that low impact paintball is a safer option for younger players.  

For low impact, typically, players use a .50 caliber. The paintballs are smaller and the equipment is easier to handle. This lowers the impact the paintballs have. It makes contactless intense and less painful. It’s a perfect alternative to those who are intimidated by the intensity of the sport. The right protective gear is still encouraged in low impact paintball. The paintballs might be smaller, but they are still hitting your skin. 

Keep Gear in The Clear How_To_Play_Paintball

If you have any gear for paintball it’s important to take care of it. This ensures the gear lasts long and works properly. Specifically talking about paintballs, they can be temperature sensitive. They should be stored in an environment that is a happy medium between hot and cold. 

SteelTown Has It All

Not all paintball places are the same. Here at SteelTown, we offer both standard and low impact paintball to all our players. We also make sure our equipment is carefully stored, cleaned, and sanitized. Hopefully, you know how to play paintball now.  If you’re interested in paintball and need a place to start – SteelTown is where it’s at!