“It’s a me, Mario!” Mario and all his beloved friends are coming to SteelTown Paintball for another 8 Bit Classic paintball event! This July, at our outdoor facility, players can immerse themselves in the classic world of Super Mario Bros! This event will be action-packed and will be the perfect summer activity for young kids and adults alike. Everyone should get excited about the Super Mario Bros 8 Bit Classic. 

What Can I Expect From This Event? 

Join King Koopa in his attempt to rid the world of the fungus menace and make the lovely Princess Peach his bride! Or help King Toadstool defend his kingdom and help his sell-swords Mario Mario and Luigi Mario “rescue” the princess. Based on the well-loved video game, Super Mario Bros! Originally released in the US on NES in 1985 as the breakout follow-up to the beloved arcade game: 1983 Mario Bros. This will be the second installment of the 8 Bit Classic Series produced by Dunedain Paintball. Each 8-Bit Classic will be based on renowned video games. These scenarios will put you into the world of video games. Play along as you would on the NES with main missions, side quests, and even Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) to interact with! Not to mention, proceeds will be donated to Animal Friends!

What’s The Schedule For Saturday? 

What’s The Schedule For Sunday? 

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