In today’s day and age, it’s hard to have total privacy. It seems everything has been made public for everyone to see. It’s alright to want a little privacy here and there. That’s why at SteelTown we offer customers the chance to have that total privacy. Right in Pittsburgh, plan private paintball parties. 

Why Plan A Private Party 

Private parties allow the party goers to truly immerse themselves in the event. There are no outside distractions from other players. It’s great to mention that private parties are perfect for celebrating special occasions or a fun activity for encouraging team bonding. 

Additionally, private parties aren’t just for paintball action! Those planning an event can also host a private airsoft or laser tag party. What is a better way to celebrate a child’s birthday party than with a laser tag party! On top of this, airsoft makes for the perfect opportunity to celebrate a recent accomplishment. The best part is that these events can all be private! It’s the best way to enjoy one-on-one time with friends, family, or even coworkers. 

Private Party Packages

SteelTown Paintball offers customers a wide variety of options when it comes to planning parties. If you want to celebrate an occasion with a small group of people, you can! This also applies to someone who wants a large party of people. SteelTown has created Private Party Packages that catered to match all your party’s needs. Check our pricing page for more specific information regarding the different packages. Additionally, for a $100 add-on fee, your private event can be held during prime time operating hours. 

When it comes to selecting a package for a party, party goers will be completely supplied for their action-packed battles. For example, those planning a paintball event will receive a set amount of ammo for the group to share, a paintball gun, a tank, safety goggles, and table space to enjoy the event. 

Indoor or Outdoor Parties Galore! 

Location is key when it comes to planning the perfect party. At SteelTown, we offer two locations for people to pick from. Traditionally, all parties have been at our outside location. However, coming in November 2020 SteelTown Paintball will have an indoor location for customers to enjoy! Private parties will be able to take place at both locations! The indoor facility will be located at 600 Freeport Road “Building 29” New Kensington, PA 15068. 

Party packages will be the same for both locations. If you’re planning a paintball party at the outdoor location, the pricing and equipment will be the same at the indoor location. The only difference between indoor and outdoor private parties is the location. 

Plan Pittsburgh Private Paintball Parties

SteelTown Paintball knows the importance of planning a party and how special those occasions can be. It’s why we provide customers the option to plan a private party just for them and their guests. Get immersed in the occasion and have a personalized private party today! 


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