Getting hitched soon and want one more night of freedom? When it comes to planning bachelor/bachelorette parties the most common options include Vegas trips, bar crawls, or spa trips.  While those might be fun, why celebrate your big night like everyone else. Mix it up at SteelTown Paintball! 

Why a Pittsburgh SteelTown Paintball Party? 

Get excited and get amp because when it comes to this party, it’s gonna be an intense one. Full of action, paintball is a great way to celebrate. The best way to celebrate a bachelor is gathering all his friends, stirring up some competition, and battling one another in an action-packed, paintball shootout. Bachelorettes aren’t shying away from the game either! So much so that paintball is quickly becoming a popular party among the future brides. Have a girls night out be full of competition and adrenaline pumping games! Let off some steam from planning a wedding and enjoy a fun-filled sport! 

Planning the Paintball Party

When it comes to planning the event, your party can be held during the day or be a private event during off-hours( what happens at SteelTown paintball stays at SteelTown paintball). 

Additionally, order whatever food you want for the event. It’s your party and should be celebrated how you want! We are located near many yummy restaurants to get amazing food from! SteelTown Paintball has no problem with party-goers bringing in delicious food to celebrate before the big day! 

Book Your Paintball Party

Steeltown Paintball specializes in paintball parties. Everyone attending any bachelor/bachelorette parties is guaranteed to have a good time! SteelTown Paintball has a ton of experience when it comes to hosting events! Make this event all your own. Customized the perfect night out! Monday-Sunday, SteelTown Paintball can host events. This party is about the future groom or bride so make it their last hooray! Book your next party here!