Paintball is a beloved game by many people. It’s easy to understand why. Paintball is full of action and is a great activity for everyone from kids to adults. SteelTown Paintball strives to provide everyone with a great time. So, we’re teaching players some helpful tricks. If you’re a novice or an expert you could always learn these awesome paintball tricks and tips.

Take Cover

You probably know that if you’re out in the open, other plays will take aim at you. After all, you are an easy target that way. So, to give yourself a fight chance in a game you have to utilize cover. Survey the field, take notice of any trees and barricades. You want to makes sure these objects are wide enough to hide you. Don’t hide behind a thin tree that’s not going to help you much. Once you take to cover that’s when you can start aiming at other players. 

Get Moving

If players take note of you behind a barricade they are going to charge at you. This is your time to run. Yes, get up and run. Have you ever tried to hit a moving target before? It can be quite challenging. However, when you take off running don’t just run away in a straight line. In fact, run away in a zig-zag pattern. This makes you a lot harder to hit. 

Look Around

When you’re in the heat of the game, it can be easy to only focus on what’s in front of you. It’s important to keep in mind that players will be all over the field. This means you have to avoid “tunnel vision”. With this in mind make sure you take moments to look around and take note of where players are. This will help you avoid being flanked from the side by a bunch of trigger-happy players. 

Work Together

Forming an alliance can save you out on the field. It may sound counterintuitive if you’re trying to be the reigning paintball champ. However, working with other players is extremely helpful. Typically, this method works best if you’re working with smaller groups. About 2 to 3 people is the ideal number. Having a buddy on the field works amazingly when you’re pinned down by opposition, for example. Your partner can provide you with coverage while you figure out the best angle to shoot from. 

Communication is Key

Now, if you decide to work with small pairs, you’ll need to convey what your plan is. Let them know where you plan to move and even shoot. Using simple voice commands is the best way to get your point across. While code words might make you feel like an operative agent on a top-secret mission, do you honestly think your group will remember what delta force code red means? Probably not. Keep it simple. That way, if you’re outnumbered you can easily shout to your team for help. 

Check Yourself 

If you’re running on the field and feel the sting from a pellet don’t automatically walk off the field. Make sure to check to see if the pellet actually broke. Often or not many players will walk right off the field despite not actually taking a real hit. This is a rookie mistake. So, if you feel a hit, check yourself. You might be fine and can continue playing. 


If you’re gearing up for a paintball battle make sure you incorporate these paintball tricks and tips into your gameplay strategy. This will help you become a fierce opponent on the field and might make you into a paintball champion.

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