Rules of Engagement

1. Check Your Paintball Markers Before getting on the field it’s important to make sure your paintball marker’s velocity is within a safe limit. The maximum velocity cannot exceed 280 fps, as required by law. Anything higher than this can leave players with welts and break the skin, and no one likes that.

2. Be Equipped It’s crucial that players wear proper protection. This means keep your helmets on! This protects your head from injury. If any player removes their helmet during a game, alert the other players. Do not shoot at them.

3. Don’t Fire Blind Be mindful of where you are aiming in an active game. If you can’t see, do not take a shot. You could risk hitting a referee.

4. No Shooting At Close Range Paintballs can pack a punch if fired at close range. This could ruin someone’s whole day. If a player is within 10 ft, give them the opportunity to surrender. If they don’t, aim for their shoes or gear.

5. Clear the Grounds If You’ve Been Hit If you take fire in a game, signal other players by raising your hands over your head. After this, cross to the safe zone, so you don’t get caught in the crossfire.

6. Be Respectful of The Referee The referee is there to help keep a game fair. If there are any problems during a game, alert the referee to judge any disputes. Remember the referee can kick you out if you don’t follow the rules.

7. Cheating Is Not Tolerated Play fair so everyone can have a good time. If you get hit, don’t hide it or wipe it off. If you have any questions about what qualifies as a hit, ask the referee.

8. Paintball is a Team Sport Don’t hog the field. Makes sure you give everyone a chance to enjoy the intense action. Teamwork makes the dream work. You’ll be more successful at working together than trying to win alone.

9. Play Fair Respect players on the field. Don’t be mean to other players. No pushing, shoving or any physical contact will not be tolerated at all. Don’t shoot unnecessary shots at a player. That’s an easy way to get kicked out of the game.

10. Enjoy the Game It’s easy to get up in the action of a game and focus on winning. However, don’t get too aggressive to the point where you could cause injury.

Those Caught Not following the Prescribed Safety Measures are Subject to Penalties by Referees.