Paintball is a great activity to dive into. It can be a good workout as players run, chase, and hide from their competitors. Additionally, it can be a great way to build teamwork and strengthen relationships among players. However, did you know that paintball is a great way to celebrate special events and occasions? Furthermore, did you know that SteelTown Paintball has a slew of special events that it offers to customers? Here at SteelTown Paintball,  we believe paintball is a great way to celebrate anything! 

What Paintball Special Events Are Available?

This is a great question! We offer a variety of different event types for customers to enjoy. Paintball is a great place to play on any normal day. However, it’s even more fun to play when a celebration is in order, like a birthday. Having a birthday party at SteelTown Paintball is a great way to celebrate a person’s special day. When planning a birthday bash, those hosting the event can decorate the way they want and bring whatever food and drink they want too (non-alcoholic drinks only)! Parties are great for younger players too! SteelTown Paintball groups players based on age and experience, making it safe for youngsters to play. 

Birthday Parties aren’t the only events that can be held at our facility. People can plan to have their bachelor or bachelorette parties full of paintball action too! Bachelor and Bachelorette parties are a night full of fun. Paintball is the best way to make sure this happens. Friends of the soon to be bride or groom can get ready for the big day by participating in a color packed shoutout!  Just like birthday parties, personalize your bachelor/ette party! 

Paintball is a great way to celebrate these events. It’s also a great way to spice up a corporate event! Traditionally, office parties are known to be, well, boring. Paintball can change that narrative! Get out of the office and get the team on the field. Paintball, as already mentioned, is a great way to build relationships and encourage team bonding. Plus, this gives the chance for the team to let off some steam by targeting the boss! To sum it all up, SteelTown Paintball is a great place to honor a special day. Of all the events listed here, there’s even more than our facility can offer! Check them out today! 

Plan That Event Today! 

SteelTown Paintball wants to make every occasion as special as possible for its customers. It’s why we give customers the option to plan how they like it! When it comes to setting that plan into motion, we want to make it as easy as possible. There’s no need to worry about having the right equipment or skills to play paintball. Each player will be given the right equipment. Additionally, our staff is there to help teach anyone the rules when it comes to playing around. 

On top of that, SteelTown offers packages to cater to every person’s needs. Parties with small or large groups are welcomed! When it comes to scheduling an event is an all be done through our website. We promise easy, convenient, and safe booking. Paintball is a great sport and an excellent way to highlight a special day. SteelTown Paintball goes beyond just a typical paintball day. Make your next event a paintball battle to remember!