Paintball is an action-packed sport loved by many. It’s a great game that gets hearts racing and adrenaline pumping with its intense color-filled shootouts. Many players love the game and wish to play it all the time. Sadly, the weather isn’t always perfect for paintball games. Pretty soon, SteelTown Paintball is making that wish come true with our new indoor facility! If you’re in Pittsburgh, play indoor paintball!  

All Year Round Paintball Fun

Those who have participated in paintball battles, at SteelTown Paintball, know that it has always been outside. While playing outside can be nice, the weather isn’t always ideal for paintball festivities. Especially in Pittsburgh where the weather can be pretty wacky. It can be a nuisance to play around in the rain or even the cold. Those who love paintball might be less motivated to play when the weather doesn’t cooperate. Pittsburgh_Indoor_Paintball

However, SteelTown Paintball has a solution to players’ weather worries. Coming this year November 1st, SteelTown will be introducing its brand new Indoor Facility! This is a huge cause for celebration, as paintball enthusiasts will be able to play paintball 365 days of the year! Rejoice to know that paintball gear won’t collect dust waiting for the right weather to use it. Get that gear ready because the new facility will be located at 600 Freeport Road “Building 29” New Kensington, PA 15068! SteelTown Paintball is excited to announce and can’t wait for players to get their game on indoors! 

Indoor Games and More 

SteelTown Paintball is excited to bring the sport of paintball indoors at our new facility. Additionally, SteelTown is bringing its customer more than just paintball to this new building. Players will also be able to enjoy mini-games to keep the fun going all the time. One of the new mini-games, that’s arriving soon, is Glow in the Dark Paintball This game is a glow in the dark paintball battle that will captivate players while getting their hearts pumping from all the action! Pittsburgh is getting indoor paintball soon! 

Pittsburgh Indoor Paintball 

SteelTown Paintball is proud to share this announcement with all our loyal customers! We’re thrilled to be opening a brand new indoor facility. We hope to make the day of all those who enjoy the action of paintball. Players will soon be able to enjoy paintball all year round and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Rain or shine make paintball your prime time activity at our new facility coming November 1st, 2020!