The Low-Down on Low Impact Paintball

SteelTown Paintball Park LOW IMPACT paintball uses smaller paintballs & equipment so it is easier for the player to handle the equipment and the hits stings less when players mark each other! You will still play a traditional game of paintball, but this new equipment allows younger players & those that are concerned with the impact to play!

Paintball players who are new to the game are sometimes intimidated by high intensity sporting contests.  Some parents discourage their children’s requests for paintball birthday parties because of the visual impact of paintball games they observe at their local field or on TV. It is normal for parents of minority age participants to be apprehensive prior to that first game.

Your private group can enjoy LOW IMPACT paintball games under our strict supervision.

Specific paintball guns, game organization, and safety protocols slow down the game and limit the shooting proximity in order to maximize the enjoyment for inexperienced players as young as 6 years old. These games are also ideal for corporate groups and first-timers.

What Makes It “Low Impact?”

That’s easy – it’s science!

A .50 caliber paintball has less mass than a .68 caliber one. Think of it this way – would you prefer to get hit by a pebble or a boulder? The same physics apply to a paintball! If you’re hit with a smaller, lighter paintball, it won’t have as much energy behind it, making it “low impact.” 

But that’s just the beginning!

Because Paintball Storage Matters

Paintballs are sensitive – to temperatures.

Like any equipment, paintballs need to be stored in a way that doesn’t expose them to extreme temperatures. The gelatinous coating can make paintballs a little more sensitive to those temperature swings, so we’re careful to store them in a way that keeps them from being too hot or too cold. 

Gear is Important.

Dress for success – and lower impact!

Though the thought of wearing long sleeves and pants in the heat of summer doesn’t sound appealing, we highly recommend it! Adding extra layers of clothing prevent the paintballs from hitting your skin directly – which can help minimize bruising. We actually recommend adding multiple layers for younger children or if you bruise easily. We promise you’ll thank us later!

Low Impact Paintball is Something Everyone Appreciates! 

Why Choose Low Impact?

Get in the game with less anxiety.

One of the biggest objections of potential paintball players is that they are afraid it will hurt, LOW IMPACT gives us a way to introduce new players without the full impact of the standard .68 caliber paintball. It’s also a great option for younger players. With the standard .68 caliber paintball players must be at least 10 years old to play. With SteelTown Paintball Park LOW IMPACT .50 caliber paintball we allow players as young as 6 years old to enjoy paintball!

Smaller Ammo = Less Sting

We intentionally choose smaller ammo to minimize the sting!

Additionally, we recommend that you avoid close range shots as much as possible. While it seems fun, shooting other participants at close range can cause more discomfort than necessary. However, our role is to make sure that you’re playing fair while still having fun!

Age Restrictions

Participants can be as young as 6 years old! We will allow anyone in the Low Impact .50 caliber party to use them! 

More Player-Friendly

Because of the Lower Impact, we have seen more moms, sisters, & younger kids join the fun rather than miss out on the party action!

Size Difference

The Low Impact .50 caliber paintball is considerably smaller than the standard .68 caliber paintball – apply the rules of physics to understand why it hurts less than regular paintballs.

The Impact

The Low Impact paintball hits its target at 38% of the impact of the standard .68 caliber paintball! Less ouch, more fun!