Stuck In a Rut and Not Sure What to Plan? 

Birthdays happen every year. Yet, when it comes to planning a party it seems like every year the same problem is present: what do I do? It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a party for a friend, yourself, or a child this dilemma is constant. Birthday parties are supposed to be a fun celebration surrounded by friends and family. It’s natural to want everyone invited to have a good time, but how do you figure out a way to celebrate it? There are many different ways to celebrate a person on their special day, especially in Pittsburgh. However, finding the right activity that will make a birthday party to a birthday bash can only be accomplished in one place. Plan the perfect birthday parties right in Pittsburgh at SteelTown Paintball.

Pittsburgh Birthday Parties 

At SteelTown Paintball, we aim to take your birthday and turn into the party of the year! This party will be filled with action, thrills, and lots of cake (who doesn’t love cake)! Brew up some friendly competition between your guests and let the colors fly. 

When it comes to planning the party, SteelTown Paintball handles the stress. On the day of the event, the staff will handle the assembly of all the paintball items for you. Don’t have any equipment? No need to panic, upon arrival all participants will receive their own paintball gun, safety equipment, and an air tank (with unlimited refills). Additionally, have your battles last as long as you want. There are no time limits set for private parties. Blast through rounds all at once or take a break to eat cake, it’s up to you!

Let Them Eat Cake!

Make this event all your own! SteelTown Paintball wants you to celebrate it however you want! Bring your own cake, food, decorations, and drinks ( just no alcohol!). There will be plenty of room for you and your guests. We will provide seating arrangements for your birthday gang. If they play or just watch, they will at least have a seat! 

Kid-Friendly and Safe! 

Want a fun, exciting day for your youngin? Our minimum age requirement at SteelTown is eight years old. We care about the kids and want them to have a great time. It’s why we have special guns that are smaller and have about ⅓ less impact. On top of this, we group players by the level of experience. This means younger kids will never face off against more experienced, older players. 

If your kids are anxious about getting out on the field, laser tag is an alternative option!. This is perfect for the little ones. They can still enjoy the thrill of competition in a contactless way. The staff at SteelTown Paintball makes sure that kids are safe to play. We take the time to educate first-time players on the etiquette of paintball. Birthday parties in Pittsburgh are made perfect at SteelTown Paintball! 

Get Your Party On