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Can you escape the castle? We’ve built fortress out of totes and your goal is to get out!


Can you defeat the Octagon? Make your way through a large wooden octagonal fort.


Navigate your way through a series of even more wooden barricades…while trying to avoid getting hit.

The Mountain

The Everest of Paintball (just kidding). Climb your way up a large hill full of fortifications on the top and bottom.

War Zone

A field nestled in the woods where players duke it out in a clearing with wooden various barricades.

Firing Range

Our laser tag field comprised of wooden spools (all ages welcome, no impact!).


Can you make it through the SteelTown Hyperball Field full of plastic totes and barricades?


Maneuver your way through a field of full of large plastic barrels without taking a hit.


Remember the movie from the 80’s? Feel the fear on our small field in the woods while they’re stalked by opponents.

Shoot House

Can you make it through our set of spool-filed barricades?

Hackney Yard

Tombstone: Welcome to the wild, wild West! Try to beat other players in our old west town.