First-Ever Open Airsoft Skirmish Event

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SteelTown Paintball and PA – TAC are proud to announce our first Open Airsoft Skirmish Event happening on November 14, 2020. Players can enjoy this special event at our new indoor facility. It’s important to note that, players will pay just a $30 admission fee. This admission fee comes with all-day gameplay!  

This will be an action-packed day full of heart-racing fun. Currently, there are 100 slots available for players to pre-register for the event. This is a limited capacity. After 100 players sign up, SteelTown paintball will tentatively open pre-registration for another 50 slots. For those who do not pre-register, they will be processed at the staff’s convenience So, save time and pre-register. Additionally, in order to participate in this event, players must fill out an online waiver.  Don’t miss out on this Airsoft Skirmish Event 

 Items Needed To Play  

Required Items

  • Full seal ANZI-rated goggles and lower face protection (at a minimum a layered balaclava with a mouthguard). NO SHOOTING GLASSES, NO M FRAMES, NO MESH. PERIOD.
  • Dead rag and/or red chem light

Recommended Items 

  • Flashlight or personal navigation light
  • Speedloader and extra bbs
  • Hard knuckle gloves
  • Knee & elbow pads/helmet

 Safety Rules and Regulations  

  • Chrono limit for ALL WEAPONS is 1.3J w/ a max weight of 0.32g bbs. SEMI-AUTO ONLY
  • If there is a real-world situation such as a fire, medical emergency, or danger to players, players are encouraged to shout “CEASE FIRE, REAL WORLD” and contact the nearest squad leader/commander/referee.- NO PHYSICAL CONTACT OTHER THAN TAPS- No blind fire, you must have your eyes behind your sights.
  • No overshooting or “griefing”. Give players the benefit of the doubt, if it’s clear they are not calling hits then seek out a ref or your CO, describe the issue, and the offending player(s) in detail so that the admin can resolve it.
  • EG67s are the only grenades approved for field use. No other pyro, exploding grenades, or sound devices are permitted.

 Gameplay Rules 

  • 1 shot 1 kill, GUN HITS COUNT.
  • If a player is carrying an objective when shot, they must drop the item where they were standing when they were shot.
  • BANG BANG RULES ARE A COURTESY. If players are facing each other, each has 50/50 control of the situation, NO BANG BANG. If a player has the drop on an enemy who has their back turned, the engaging player may attempt a safety kill (“bang-bang”, shoulder tap, tap from barrel/melee weapon, etc.). If the enemy attempts to turn, they are back to facing each other with 50/50 control. If you have a weapon with a MED, you are NOT allowed to shoot players inside your MED regardless of the situation.
  • Please avoid confrontation, no verbal harassment. Accidents happen. It is a fast, competitive environment. If you do commit a transgression, be the bigger person: call yourself out, apologize to the victim of your transgression and take the walk to your respawn. REMEMBER, it isn’t the mistakes we make… it’s how we make them right that sticks with people
  • Calling your hit/bleed out: After a player is hit, they must deploy their dead rag/chem light and WAIT IN PLACE FOR DESIGNATED BLEEDOUT TIME until they can walk back to respawn or their CCP. Gun hits count. Players are encouraged to play dead and lie down. Players can move a max of 3ft from the spot they died to avoid lanes of fire. Wounded players can’t give information or say anything besides “dead”, “don’t shoot”, “medic” or “no medic”. Only after bleed-out has been finished can players walk back to spawn. Beginning to tap a player pauses their bleed out time.
  • Medic Rules: Any player can heal a teammate. The healing player taps the wounded player 60 TIMES (either 1 or 2-handed) and then the wounded player is considered healed. Wounded players can be moved by a teammate who has at least one hand on the wounded player. If the wounded player is hit while being medic’d, the wounded player is now beyond help and must finish their bleed out/return to their CCP or respawn. No body-shields. Once a player has bled-out they may not be healed on the way back to their CCP/respawn.
  • Grenades & Pyro: Grenades and pyro will be allowed for this event with the following stipulations. Fragmentation grenades have a 10FT kill radius, and automatically kill any occupants of a room that aren’t behind hardcover (unless they’re struck by a projectile). Flashbangs, Thunder Bs, and other sound devices that do not throw projectiles are considered sound devices only. If you can add bbs to these devices then they count as grenades. If you are hit with a projectile from the grenade outside of the 10ft kill radius you are still dead.”


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