Can’t get enough of Paintball? It’s understanding the thrilling, heart-racing action that is produced from paintball is quite addicting. It’s understandable why players simply can’t get enough. SteelTown Paintball offers players, just like this, a very special deal: A Paintball Season Pass! 

Why Purchase A Season Pass? 

A Season Pass makes playing paintball a lot easier for those who are big fans of the sport. Those who seek out the action of paintball can enjoy a slew of benefits from a season pass. For instance, a pass gives players free entry, every time. To clarify, this means that they won’t have to pay an admission fee each time they visit SteelTown Paintball. 

Additionally, season pass holders will enjoy free equipment rentals, 20% of new equipment purchases, and $60 for air/paint. When it comes to buying ammo for rounds, players will also be offered reduced prices on ammo too! For example, paintballs are only $50.00 per case. That gets you 2,0000 paintballs! It’s important to note that a season pass costs $25 per person! AllPaintbal these fantastic benefits for this crazy low price! 

Why Get A Season Pass Now? 

Given the time of year, it might seem like a lost cause getting a season pass. That’s not the case! SteelTown Paintball’s season passes are valid all the way through December 2021! There’s plenty of time to get great use out of a pass. Not to mention, given that the holiday season is right around the corner a season pass is a must.

The holiday season brings about a lot of fun, exciting events you won’t want to miss!  A season pass is a great way to guarantee a spot to play. Moreover, a season pass makes the perfect gift for those paintball enthusiasts. 

Get A  Pass Today 

To sum it all up, a season pass is a must-have item! It, ultimately, will save players tons of money. It provides exclusive benefits that paintball lovers are sure to enjoy. The best part is it doesn’t cost an arm and leg to buy! All these exclusive deals and benefits all for just $25! This deal seems too good to be real. SteelTown Paintball promises it’s not. Grab your season pass today and get your game on now!