Can You Survive the Undead?

What’s your fear? Make your way through the dark woods of SteelTown Paintball with nothing more than the light of a lantern and a paintball marker. But don’t think that you’re alone…

Saturdays in October. Book Online for Discounted Ticket Rates.

Welcome to SteelTown Paintball Park! We cater to every style of play, from the first time player to the avid tournament competitor.

We have an amazing woods course as well as a state of the art artificial turf speedball field.

SteelTown offers a variety of group rates for birthday parties, bachelor parties, corporate events, and other group outings. Food and rental equipment are available on site.

SteelTown Paintball features a full size PSP arena-style paintball field, complete with artificial grass and blow up bunkers, concept fields, and large woods ball fields. We are the only field in Pittsburgh that offers all three styles of fields.

Birthday Parties

Walk-On Players

Private Parties

Great [day at] Steeltown Paintball! We brought a novice group of young players out and had a blast all day long! Thanks to the staff and Owner Tom for everything they did to make my son’s 13th Birthday a very memorable day. Looking forward to seeing you all again for another round of Paintball.”

Mark D. Wolf

All Work and No Play Makes Your Office Dull


Paintball (Low and Standard Impact)

With ten different paintball fields, including woods and speedball options, SteelTown Event Park provides a variety of options to meet everyone’s needs – not just the professional players! In addition to open play every weekend, we also host private parties to make your experience the best one yet! Check out our pricing on all our options (we provide discounts for purchasing online).

We Have Airsoft, Too!

Need something that packs a little more punch? Our airsoft fields provide combat-level tactical play with tiny airsoft pellets instead of paint!

We offer open play, as well as tournament-style options so check back frequently for updates on our hosted events.


It’s not just kids having all of the fun!



Make your way to the safe house through the dark woods… but watch out for zombies! Hosted the last weekend of September through the first weekend of November. BOOOO-k online to save $5 on each entry.


If you feel like paintball isn’t your thing, that’s 100% okay! Laser tag is for EVERYONE! It’s a non-contact way to feel a competitive rush without worrying about getting bruised. It’s fun for the whole family!