The History Of SteelTown’s Indoor Facility

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With the New Indoor Facility finally open, it’s easy to get excited. While most people are gearing up for their intense battles, it’s important to highlight the history of the building. ! We’re diving into Aluminum City! It’s sure to be an interesting read!

Aluminum City

Before paintball was played inside the facility, it was an Alcoa Aluminum Plant. Here, aluminum breakthroughs and products were all developed here. It had a huge impact on the local community and was deemed a valuable asset. The building has a long history dating back to the late 1800s!

The History

In 1891, the company could be considered the innovator of aluminum. As the Alcoa began to grow, its products aided in major breakthroughs at the time. For example, the aluminum produced served as a great substitute for heavier metals. In fact, Alcoa’s aluminum was used in the body of cars and was even used in the Wright Brother’s plane, as they took flight in 1903.  In addition to that, Alcoa first introduced aluminum foil, changing the way people kept food fresh at the time!

It’s important to note the significance that Alcoa had in both World War l and World War ll. During the first war, 90% of Alcoa’s aluminum production ended up being used by the U.S military. It was used for helmets, gas masks, canteens, and other items. Aluminum only continued to be important in World War ll. Alcoa opened up more facilities around the country to handle war-time demands. Even today, aluminum is still used in different equipment and armor components.

 The Facility Now  

Alcoa has developed into a major company in today’s day in age. It is incredible that all the accomplishments the company has made started in New Kensington. While the Alcoa Plant is no longer operating in New Kensington, it’s important to understand the history of our Indoor Facility. SteelTown Paintball is proud to be able to bring life back into the building. Of course, SteelTown won’t be manufacturing breakthroughs in technology, but letting loose is just as important.

Today, those walking through the buildings can immerse themselves in action. This can be paintball,  airsoft, or laser tag fun! Players of all ages can have a day of fun in the new facility. Here, players will be sheltered from whatever weather Pittsburgh throws at us. Now, knowing the history of the building makes having a day at SteelTown Paintball even more fun!


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