Tired of the same old activities you’ve been doing for years? Nothing builds team work and cohesion like a personalized Corporate Paintball Outing!

SteelTown Paintball, offers an exciting alternative to the routine sales meetings and typical employee parties.

We take extensive measures to make sure our corporate events exceed your expectations. Pricing will be dependent upon your level of  customization.


Teams that play together stay together! Fun events outside of the office foster better performance during work times.


There’s no specified level of skill required to enjoy paintball…especially if everyone targets the boss!



Fresh air. Exercise. Brain breaks. Outdoor team-building improves work relationships in and out of the office.

Snacks. Drinks. Food.

Cater your event or order in to make the most of your time away from the office. We allow corporate events to bring in food, non-alcoholic beverages, and snacks to make the outing even more enjoyable.

Open Rain or Shine

Forget the dress clothes! With the up and down Pittsburgh weather, it can be difficult to plan ahead too much. However, our all-weather fields make the game even more fun! 

Get to Know Your Team

When you’re working on the daily grind, it can be hard to get to know your coworkers. Take the chance to build your work relationships up (and tactically target the management team).

We Offer Flexible Corporate Team Building Paintball Events!

Give your team a break away from the office! Book an off-peak event so your team can enjoy the park on their own.

  • $400 deposit required
  • $45 per person, including the paintball marker, safety gear, and 300 paintballs per player (must meet the $400 minimum)
  • Up to 3 hours of play
  • Picnic tables included

You can also rent our non-impact laser tag course for $25 per person (16 person minimum).

If you are in charge of coming up with a unique Corporate Team-building event for your employees or customers in the Pittsburgh area, it’s hard to beat a day of paintball! Bring your co-workers together and let them work on team work, problem solving, and communication skills. It’s why we’ve hosted team building corporate events for companies like Red Robin, The YMCA, Outreach Teen and Family Services, Halliburton, and more!

Employee Bonding: Corporate Paintball events can level the “playing field” and promote job satisfaction. In the office work place, there is a clearly defined hierarchy. Actually, how I got into paintball was taking the guys from my other company out to a field for a corporate team building event. Once out there the people in entry level positions and the executives are all on a level playing field. The teams are working together to achieve a common goal and everyone has an important role to play.

Employee Competition: Friendly competition can develop relationships among teammates that can be carried over into a working environment, in turn increasing productivity. Corporate Paintball events promote teamwork long after you leave our facility, friendly rivalries can be a driving force behind your next big project.

If you can picture your perfect outing, or you want help picking the features for your corporate paintball event, please reach out to us, we will make it happen.