Special Events - SteelTown Paintball Parks


These events are extra special for players at SteelTown. All of them are packed full of action and thrills that’s sure to make any day memorable. Don’t miss out on all the fun!


April 24th, 2021, At the Outdoor Field

Looking to immerse yourself in an action-packed paintball battle? Look no further than Battleground.  The Resistance is facing off against the Dominion in a heated challenge. Grab your gear and get suited up for this epic event. You don’t want to miss out on this! 

  • Pre-Reg : $30

  • At The Door: $40 

  • Case of Paintball: $70

  • Rental Packages: $10

Op Catalyst

April 24 – 25, 2021,  At the Indoor Field

Sweeping multi-agency investigations have uncovered that an international terrorist organization is gearing up for some sort of attack on American soil. Sources have led authorities to an abandoned research facility outside New Kensington PA, where they indicate a large group of individuals is gathering resources for a major operation.

Will the Joint Terrorism Task Force make it in time to stop the doomsday plans of the Keystone Syndicate?


  • Early-Bird  Two Day Admission, 2/10-3/1: $40

  • Pre-Reg Two Day Admission, 3/2 – 4/15: $50

  • Single Day Admission, 2/10- 4/23: $45

  • Two Day Admission, 4/16 -4/23: $60

  • Includes All-Day Air Fills 

  • Need More Information? Click Here

Adventure: Quest For The Egg 

June 19 & 20, 2021, At the Outdoor Field

Get pumped for this warzone. Become the expert hunter as you go on a quest to find the egg! Take on the intense paintball challenges and embrace the chaos you’ll encounter along the way. Make sure your spot is secured for this action-filled event. 

  • Overnight Camping Available

  • Pre-Reg: $40

  • At The Door: $50 

  • Case of Paintball: $60/$70


8 Bit Classic

July 24-25, at The Outdoor Field

Join King Koopa in his attempt to rid the world of the fungus menace and make the lovely Princess Peach his bride! Or help King Toadstool defend his kingdom and help his sell-swords Mario Mario and Luigi Mario “rescue” the princess.
Based on the well-loved video game, Super Mario Bros! Originally released in the US on NES in 1985 as the breakout follow-up to the beloved arcade game: 1983 Mario Bros.
Proceeds will be donated to Animal Friends! 2 Day Event at Steeltown Paintball Outdoor Fields. Free on-site camping, grilled foods for sale, and free parking.

GellyBall Paintball

An Ultra-Low Impact Game For Kids

Looking for a fun and safe activity for your kids? We’re offering GellyBall, a SteelTown Paintball exclusive. Using soft gel balls, this ammo will bounce off kids leaving no stain and no pain! Play at both our indoor and outdoor locations. The perfect activity for a birthday party or school event. 

For Kids Ages 4+ 

Glow Paintball

Glow in the Dark Indoor Paintball

Immerse Yourself In a Glowing Environment 

Whether you’re looking for private parties or walk-on paintball, our new indoor facility is the perfect way to play year-round! We can’t wait to welcome you to join the ~GLOW~ 

Season Passes


A season paintball pass for $25?! GET OUTTA HERE WITH THAT! But seriously – we’re offering reduced admission plus a bunch of other awesomeness for regular players.

$25 Per Person Admission Includes:

  • Free entry at the outdoor location

  • 25% of Indoor admission price

  • 25% of paint at both locations