Reward Good Work 

Looking for something besides pizza parties for your students? Try booking an event with SteelTown Paintball. Your students work hard throughout the school year and deserve a nice reward. The best way is through paintball! Paintball is a great way to get the kids moving outside the class. They will be running around taking cover and watching their opponents. It’s sure to get their heart-racing as some great exercise. Paintballs are great for students of all ages. Younger and older students, alike, can enjoy a fun-filled day of paintball. If paintball doesn’t fit your students needs there’s always laser tag! This still has all the benefits of paintball without the contact. Not to mention, SteelTown Paintball is willing to host late night post-graduation events. This is a great way to celebrate students graduating, while keeping them in safe space to be entertained. 

Foster Teamwork And Build Motivation 

School is all about learning. A day on the field doesn’t mean the learning needs to stop. Paintball can teach students a lot of valuable skills. Teamwork being one of them! Students will be playing together. This requires working together to try and win the game. Students might develop out of the box strategies in order to do this. All of this builds relationships among the students which will be reflected in the classroom. Additionally, a paintball outing is sure to motivate students to put their best foot forward. Building motivation is crucial for students. Booking a school event gives them something to work towards. 

Feed Their Growing Minds 

When it comes to the day of the event, the students are sure to get a little hungry. Playing a round of paintball is sure to stir up an appetite. Cater the event to how you want. You can still throw that pizza party just in a different location. This is an event dedicated to rewarding the students for all their hard work. Bringing in yummy food is sure to make this event even more fun for the students!