For Ages 12+

What Is High Impact Paintball? 

Though our low-impact paintball is ideal for younger or less experienced players, you might want something with a bit more “bite.” Our standard caliber paintball is the ideal option for people who have a little more field play experience under their belts.

Standard caliber, also known as .68 caliber, paintballs are larger, heavier paintballs that definitely pack more of a punch. We recommend this type of paintball for adults or more experienced folks. The larger paintballs have more surface area and weight – therefore, by the simple explanation of physics, standard caliber has more force behind it than our low impact alternative.

Get That Gear Ready 

You’ve Got a Couple of Options. We offer low caliber paintball play to get you started if you’re worried about how badly it will hurt. However, if you’re unwilling to compromise the “big kid” paintball play, we recommend layering up or investing in more insulated protective gear to minimize the impact. Either way, it doesn’t hurt too bad. Layering up will always help prevent the sting of paintball. Wearing clothing that covers your body is the best bet to help lessen the impact. Additionally, protective vest and other gear can be rented on-site for players to take advantage of. 

Stored Securely

Like any equipment, paintballs need to be stored in a way that doesn’t expose them to extreme temperatures, they can be a little sensitive. The gelatinous coating can make paintballs a little more sensitive to those temperature swings, so we’re careful to store them in a way that keeps them from being too hot or too cold. SteelTown takes the necessary precautions to make sure our equipment is top-notch for you. Your experience matters to us. We ensure that every player will have a thrilling time full of action and fun at SteelTown Paintball.