Elevate team spirits through corporate team-building events, a proven method to enhance camaraderie among colleagues.


Celebrate your corporate success in style at Steeltown Event Park, where thrilling adventures and unforgettable memories await! Our corporate party package offers an exciting blend of outdoor entertainment, team building, and camaraderie that will leave your team energized and motivated. Whether you’re aiming to strengthen bonds within your team, reward hard work, or simply have a blast, the Steeltown Event Park Corporate Party Package is designed to exceed your expectations.

Corporate Package

$ 0 Per Person
  • Free Entry for All Guests
  • 30+ Players
  • 4 Hour Time Slot
  • Private Event Space
  • Case Of Paintballs - $80
  • Adventurous Paintball Action
  • Professional Paintball Gear
  • Team-Building Activities
  • Dedicated Party Host
  • Party Planner


2,000 Rounds of paintballs per case **Save 40% with Steeltown membership**

Simply pull the ring out of the side and the smoke will start to flow.

Simply pull the wire ring, throw, and wait for the bang!!

Increased Accuracy and Range.  Paintball Only

With a high-speed trigger, a rapid-feeding hopper, and an impressively low weight, this configuration will transform you into a formidable contender.

2 slices, bottle of water, and bag of chips per person

2 slices, bottle of water, bag of chips, and piece of ice cream cake per person

Relive your special occasion with raw footage of your event


You have questions about our corporate/team building packages.  Don’t hesitate and contact us.  We will gladly answer any question you may have.


Ask us about special discounts for active duty military and veterans, law enforcement, firefighters, EMS professionals, healthcare providers, and educators.


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