Summary of Paintball, Airsoft, & Laser Tag Parties

Not sure what to expect after booking your event? Follow our quick to-do list to make your event a breeze!

Book Your Party Online

Either behind the desk or on the go – we make it easy! Choose your package and add whatever custom options you want! Our role is to set up the facility to meet your group’s needs and create a fun, safe, competitive party based on your group’s experience.

Arrive on Time

After booking your event, arrive at least 10 minutes early. We want to make sure that your party starts on time and you have plenty of opportunity to eat, drink, and, most importantly, play. 

Our staff works hard to make sure that your group is accommodated during your time with us – we want to make sure you’re maximizing your opportunity to enjoy our courses while still having your cake (and eating it, too).

Pull Up a Chair!

Book a party for reserved seating. We provide picnic tables and some covered seating for your event. You can even decorate the party area if you’d like.

However, we do request that you skip messy items such as silly string, confetti, or other items that could be difficult to clean up.

Bring your own snacks, hire a caterer, or order delivery.

High activity = hunger. We allow coolers and outside food and drink (no alcohol, please!) at our events. You can even set up for pick-up (or delivery, if offered) from local restaurants.

Players Get Grouped by Age and Experience.

We don’t want your 8 year old’s birthday party mixed in with tournament professionals! Our role is to make sure your parties are safe, enjoyable, and make you want to come back again.

We allow older kids to “play down” with younger kids using lower impact paintballs, but the minimum age for traditional paintball is 10 years old. If you’ve got an older sibling in your group, we can mix them in with other open play participants.

Paintball is a Spectator Sport (Kinda)

The more players, the merrier! Our party space is limited, so we prefer to have an equal number of participants as we do players. If you have 10 players, we’re totally fine with 10 spectators.

However, if the number of spectators is greater than the number of players, we charge $10 per spectator. Additionally, we cannot guarantee that seating will be available for each spectator. So…why not just join in the fun?