First-Ever Open Airsoft Skirmish Event

SteelTown-paintball--Airsoft_Skirmish_Event Special Events

SteelTown Paintball and PA – TAC are proud to announce our first Open Airsoft Skirmish Event happening on November 14, 2020. Players can enjoy this special event at our new indoor facility. It’s important to note that, players will pay just a $30 admission fee. This admission fee comes with all-day gameplay!   This will be […]

Got the Pittsburgh Birthday Blues?


Stuck In a Rut and Not Sure What to Plan?  Birthdays happen every year. Yet, when it comes to planning a party it seems like every year the same problem is present: what do I do? It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a party for a friend, yourself, or a child this dilemma is constant. […]

The History of Our Outdoor Location


Halloween is just around the corner. At SteelTown Paintball. Many people don’t know about the eerie history of our outdoor location. SteelTown Paintball has been operating for years. However, something more sinister used to occupy the grounds many years ago. Dixmont State Hospital to be exact. A Mental Institution  Dixmont State Hospital treated all types […]

New Pittsburgh Indoor Paintball Facility


Paintball is an action-packed sport loved by many. It’s a great game that gets hearts racing and adrenaline pumping with its intense color-filled shootouts. Many players love the game and wish to play it all the time. Sadly, the weather isn’t always perfect for paintball games. Pretty soon, SteelTown Paintball is making that wish come […]